To better protect your account, you can set up two-factor-authorisation (2FA). This is mandatory for doctors as they have access to data of several patients. With two-factor authentication, in addition to your password, you need a '2nd factor' (a second step) to log in. A hacker must then not only know your password, but also have access to this 2nd factor. Only if you fill in both correctly can you log in.

There are three options for 2FA:

  1. SMS - You receive a code by SMS that you have to type out
  2. Call - You receive an automatic phone call that you confirm by pressing 1.
  3. App - You receive a code in an App on your phone, tablet or computer that you have to type in.

The first 2 are based on your (mobile) phone number.

The 3rd option (via an App) is the most secure option. We will explain this one in more detail below.

Setting 2FA via an App.

The first time:

You need a TOTP App for this. There are many of these and you can decide for yourself which one you want to use. We give 4 examples below:

You can also use these Apps on all other websites that offer 2FA via App. This method is highly recommended by experts in the field of information security. More and more websites support 2FA via these Apps.

The first time you use such an App, you should follow the instructions in that App. This varies a little per App but is often not complicated. It is important that you make a backup of your secret key so that if you ever use a new phone, you will not have any problems.  

If you set up 2FA via App in our portal, you will see a QR code. By clicking on 'add' in your App, you can add us to your App. You will then be given the option to scan the displayed QR code. If you do so, you will see a code that you must enter on the page in our portal. You will then have set up 2-step authentication.

Using 2FA via an App

After logging in with your user name and password, you will now be asked which two-step authentication you want to use:

  1. By SMS
  2. With a phone call
  3. With an authenticator app

You then choose the 3rd option. You must then enter a code. You will find this code in your TOTP App. Once you have entered this code, you are logged in.